I'm Dominique, founder of websieme, LLC. I am a professional freelance Web Designer. I have over 15 years working in technology. I spent my career as a backend developer, but found the process of designing and creating to be my passion. My job is not to just create your site, but to ensure your site is SEO friendly, responsive for mobile devices, and secured from hackers.Your website is a representation of your business. I will work with you to ensure your company's web presence shows high standards, professionalism and style. I am located in South Florida. I work with clients throught the US. Ideas can be discussed in person or remotely.


How it works

  • Discovery - We discuss the scope of the project. Go over your ideas and your vision. We collaborate on the vision, the functionality and the goals
  • Design - With the information from discovery, I will create a site. You will be able to review demos throughout the design phase. I encourage suggestions and feedback throughout this stage.
  • Deployent - All aspects of the site will be up and should be fully functional (mailchimp, links, contacts, maps etc...)
  • Pricing-Every project is different therefore there isn't a standard price list. All work is done at a flat fee. There are no hidden or additional costs. Basic sites start at $1000.00. If you contact me with a description of your site I'll get back to you with a personalized quote.